7 Competencies for Christian Leadership Success

ImageIn case you haven’t noticed, the world has changed. To be successful as a leader today requires specific competencies.

First, as a believer desiring to lead ministry, you need to work through your relationship with Christ to be obedient to God’s call on your life.

With that in mind, even Christian leaders need to think about how to best succeed in a changing world. Here are some “requisite competencies” to develop and fine-tune in order to achieve personal and professional leadership success:

  1. Identity – Know who you are in Christ, identify your calling, discover and develop your gifts and talents, and allow the Holy Spirit to operate in your life.
  2. Self-Confidence – Successful leaders achieve results because they confidently and willingly initiate and execute their responsibilities without someone telling them, persuading them or forcing them to take action.
  3. Connected-ness – Today social media is no longer an option. It is the way networks are built. Yet these social networks are ONLY a virtual reality, an imitation or substitute of the real thing. It is only in real human interactions that trust, integrity, cooperation and heart connected-ness occur.
  4. Visions and Plans – To influence people to follow your leadership, develop a vision of where you want to go, and why they should want to help you get there. Developing a plan in conjunction with them creates an environment of mutual respect and generates support for the vision/plan.
  5. Innovation & Creativity – Today’s best leaders have ideas of their own, but they also know how to foster creativity and innovation in others to achieve desired outcomes.
  6. Collaboration – Be willing to humbly submit to others and participate in a team environment. Be likable and work well with others. Collaboration is a key function of today’s successful organizations.
  7. Flexibility – Change is the only guarantee, and it is desirable. Change is an opportunity for growth. When we stop growing, we begin a descent into becoming irrelevant. Today’s leader must remain flexible to a changing landscape and maintain a wiling spirit to adapt and make quantum leaps when its necessary.

This are often touted as “new” skills and tools for today’s rapidly changing world, but successful leaders have had these competencies for thousands of years.

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